About NFA

Neutral Freight Academy (NFA) is the employment agency specialising in logistics and air freight transport. 

NFA was established by IWS (Independent World Services), whose founders boast more than 20 years of experience in air freight transport and logistics. They understand better than anyone the importance of high-quality, well-trained staff. Unfortunately, finding people with the right profile is often a challenge.

Based at Schiphol Airport

The people who work at NFA are experienced logistics service providers. They understand all the ins and outs of the sector and have built up an extensive network within the (international) logistics industry. NFA is based at Schiphol Airport. That means we have short lines of communication inside and outside the Netherlands. We are able to act quickly and always have up-to-date knowledge when it comes to vacancies in the (air freight) logistics sector.

Why NFA?

At IWS, we are used to making logistical processes as easy as possible. An important part of that is making sure the staff managing the process are trustworthy. In the past we would forward our requests for employees to the more generic employment agencies. But as air freight employees need to have undergone specialist training and be in possession of the necessary certificates, finding the right people is a challenge for such agencies, which are simply not accustomed to our sector. This gave us the idea of starting our own employment agency, one that would specialise in vacancies within logistics and the air freight transport sector: a place where businesses and jobseekers could find each other, where jobseekers could search for vacancies quickly and efficiently, and where trained, screened candidates who hold the necessary certificates could get straight down to work at interesting companies. NFA makes all this possible.

Training and screening

Do your candidates not yet hold all the necessary certificates or do they still need to undergo screening? At NFA we will make sure a candidate has successfully completed the right courses before being allowed to start  their new job. NFA offers a wide range of (specialist) courses, including forklift operator and ULD build-up training. In addition, all candidates will be screened and assisted with attaining a security clearance certificate (VGB). That means all our candidates will be ready to get straight down to work and companies will not have to worry about training their new employees themselves.

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