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  1. Introduction 
  2. Terrorism
  3. International and national regulations
  4. Secure Logistics chain
  5. Forbidden objects
  6. Screening air freight 
  7. Protecting air freight
  8. Documentation 
  9. Emergency procedures


MLV is valid 5 years but you need to repeat it within every 12 months
When you forgot you need to do this training again fully!!

Why all these measures?

Your company has been recognized by the Kmar as a Known Consignor or Regulated Agent under the new EU 2015/1998 regulation.

We are going on vacation! Safety?


Everything is properly screened:
Hand luggage

But what are you actually sitting on during the flight?

Air freight

Average of 10 tons of air freight is loaded even to the commercial airplanes

The Netherlands is under threat!

Definition of terrorism (NCTV)

‘Terrorism is the threat, preparation or perpetration of serious violence aimed at people for ideological reasons, 


acts aimed at causing socially disruptive property damage, with the aim of bringing about social changes, instilling serious fear in the population or influencing political decision-making.’

What is terrorism?

  • Threatening, preparing or commiting serious violence directed at people for ideological reasons,
  • Acts aimed at causing socially disruptive property damage 

     With the aim of:

  • Bring about social change
  • To instill serious fear in the population 
  • Influence political decision-making

Lockerbie Bombing

  • Terrorist attack
  • 1988
  • Semtex bomb
  • Location: Suitcase (checked in, never showed)
  • Detonated over the Scottish village of Lockerbie (270 victims, including 11 ‘ground victims’)

Terrorism targeting civil aviation

Civil aviation attacks

19 December 2001, Paris

  • ‘Shoe bomber’Richard Reid 
  • Converted to Islam in the young age
  • Plastic explosive 
  • Hiding in his shoe
  • Failed
  • Wet day in Paris
  • Result – passengers needs to take the shous of to the control


Civil aviation attacks

10 August 2006, London

  • Liquid and gel plot (liquid explosives)- Hydrogen Peroxide im 500ml bottles
  • Found in hair bleach
  • Failed
  • Thanks to ‘intelligence’, people had known about the plan in advance
  • Result 100ml can be taken in the handbagage 

Civil aviation attacks

25 december 2009, Schiphol

  • Umar Farouk Adbulmutallab
  • Known as the ‘underwear bomber’
  • Plastic explosive
  • Hidden in his underpants
  • Got through Schiphol security
  • Failed

Total Security Scanners


Civil aviation attacks

29 oktober 2010, Jemen

  • Printer bomb 
  • Al Qaeda
  • Yemen -> America
  • Plastic explosive
  • Clogged in the toner instead of ink
  • Failed
  • Tipped off by the Saudi Arabia government

ACC3 Regulation

ACC3 Measure


Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport

This does not apply to freight from an EU country!

ACC3 Regulation

From 1 July 2014:

All coutries outside the Europe have been placed on different lists depending on the degree of reliability of the country

  • Green countries – no additional requirements are imposed
  • White countries need to be validated by EU security validator. After approval the airline will receive ACC3 certification for the airport in question 
  • Red countries validated and shipments double screened (SHR)

Unsafe countries:

  • Validated by EU security validator
  • Approval by authority (KMAR)
  • Airline becomes ACC3

Green countries(ACC3 not required)

Argentine Republic Japan

Australia Jersey (uk)

Brazil Korea

Canada New Caledonia (France)

Chile New Zealand

China Saint-Barthelemy (France)

Isle of Man (uk) Saint-Pierre-en-Miquelon

Faroe Islands Singapore

French Polynesia (France) Taiwan

Guernsey (uk) United States of America

Greenland Wallis and Futuna

Hong Kong South Africa


Red countries (ACC3 required, code SHR)

Afghanistan Mauritania

Bangladesh Niger

Djibouti Nigeria

Iraq Pakistan

Yemen Sudan

Kuwait Somalia

Lebanon Syria

Libya Chad


Civil aviation attacks

  • 15 July 2017, Sydney – Australia
    • Meat slicer bomb
    • IS
    • Bomb given to brother who was not aware about that
    • Plastic explosive
    • Clogged meat grinder
    • Failed
    • Bomb found by airport security

Why is an airplane an interesting target?

  • International means of transport
  • Many victims of different nationalities in one go
  • Media attention
  • Economic and social impact
  • Airplane is a kind of murder weapon
  • Passengers are easy to control

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